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SAMSS Research Forums

Semester 1 2012

All sessions will be held in 1S 210 from 1pm - 2pm on Thursdays.

Week Date Presenter Title
2 8 Mar 2012 Joanie Smith ‘Consequences & Accountability in Men’s Behaviour Change’
4 22 March 2012 Dr Chris Laming  
6 5 April 2012 Ms Robyn Heckenberg 'Representations of Totemism and Kinship in Australian Aboriginal art' 
8 26 April 2012 Dr Nick Osbaldiston ‘Lifestyle Migration Towns in Transition: Seachange in Northern New South Wales’
10 10 May 2012 Dr Andrew Gunstone "Unfinished Business: the Australian reconciliation movement, 1991-2011" 
12 24 May 2012 Dr Michelle Duffy ‘ Listening Voices Project’

Semester 2 2012

Date Presenter Title & Abstract
2 Aug Assoc Professor David Baker A Comparative Case-study: Challenges of Policing Protest Camps for Climate Action
16 Aug Professor Philip Taylor Does workplace age discrimination exist? New data from a survey of the Australian workforce

Monash University together with Sydney University and Swinburne University of Technology have recently completed a national survey of 3200 Australians in paid work. The survey contained a range of questions concerning perceptions of 'everyday discrimination'. In this seminar Philip Taylor will report on the incidence of reports of everyday discrimination by age and consider implications for the public discourse on age discrimination in the labour market.

Professor Philip Taylor joined Monash Gippsland in 2010 as Director of Research and Graduate Studies. Philip has researched and written in the field of age and the labour market for more than 20 years. He is currently leading major programs of research considering the management of ageing workforces. His interests include the management of labour supply, individual orientations to work and retirement, employers’ attitudes and practices towards older workers and international developments in public policies aimed at combating age barriers in the labour market and prolonging working life.

30 Aug Dr Wendy Wright Conservation in Production Environments:  Conservation Across Disciplines.
13 Sept Professor Erik Eklund Scale and Place in History

The boundaries of historical research as much as the objects of study are shaped by contemporary concerns. The world of the historian encourages particular historical investigations, elevating some topics while obscuring or even actively discouraging others. Places, nations and wider spatial scales are caught up in this dialogue between the past and the present. Modern historical practice itself emerged along with the modern nation-state in the nineteenth century. For many pioneering academic historians, the nation-state was the inevitable unit of analysis for their historical research.

The most recent manifestation of present-day notions of the world shaping the boundaries of historical study is the move towards larger spatial scales embodied in albeit diverse forms of transnational, global, and world history. As contemporary discussion of globalisation became commonplace, historians adopted ever-widening spatial scales. Others, suspicious of globalising tendencies, have returned to the local.  Despite these historiographical and conceptual developments, the historical profession remains strongly bounded by national borders. Distance is still an impediment to collaboration despite the wonders of the internet especially for scholars located in the southern hemisphere in Southern Africa, Latin America, and Australasia. Professional activity is still shaped by national institutions such as Universities, funding bodies and professional associations together with the inevitable language barriers.

This paper is a tentative exploration on this theme focusing on the interplay between spatial scales and historical practice, while also considering the political economy of academic labour, including the national and cultural forces that shape particular forms of historical research.

4 Oct Dr Margaret Simmons Medicine and Art: Ways of envisioning a sociological perspective.
18 Oct Karen Sutherland