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Theatre and Performance 2011 Season

The Centre for Theatre and Performance 2011 Season is supported by the Monash University Academy of Performing Arts.


The Rooms

Photo: The Rooms

A group of people come into a room. It appears to be empty.
It travels through space. There is a knock at the door.
Or is it from inside a wall?

Using installation, image, performance and original text to examine the unsettling and the magical of everyday spaces, The Rooms invites the audience into a unique theatrical experience. A multi-form performance work, a live investigation into spaces the ways they are inhabited.

10th to 13th August



Monash Short Play Festival

Photo: 20 Short Plays

20 Short Plays from the Last 20 Years: 1991-2010

First year Monash Performing Arts Students are directed by four of Melbourne’s most exciting theatre professionals who have taken as their starting point 1 short play for every year of the last 20 years.

Has the world changed that much in 20 years?
Was the Millennium a turning point in our history?

Directed by Gary Abrahams, Christopher Brown, Petra Kalive and Robert Reid. Performed by First Year Performing Arts Students.

4th to 8th October


5,6,7,8 - Life Don’t Count You In

Photo: 5,6,7,8 - Life Don't Count You In

A parade of fools. A procession of champions. Life don’t count you in.

An expression of the unpredictability and fragility of life.
How everything we know and accept can change in an instant.
How the universe often acts in strange and unpredictable ways.
How the world we live in can be as beautifully baffling as it is terrifying. *
*As filled with joy as with terror.

As strange and as silent as it screams your name.

Directed by Angus Cerini in collaboration with Second Year Performing Arts Students.

13th to 15th October


Closer Than Ever

Originally Produced and Directed Off-Broadway by Janet Brenner, Michael Gill and Daryl Roth. Developed at The Williamstown Theatre Festival. By arrangement with Hal Leonard Australia Pty. Ltd., Exclusive agent for Music Theatre International (NY).

Closer Than Ever, a revue by David Shire and Richard Malthby Jr. (Baby Big and Take Flight), offers snapshots into the lives of “people who are just like you.” Each song is a bite-sized glimpse, sometimes comic, at other times profound, of the often familiar, sometimes surprising lives that reside behind those doors.

Lyrics by Richard Malthby, Jr.
Music by David Shire
Conceived by Steven Scott Smith

20th to 22nd October



Multi-award winning theatre company Uncle Semolina (and friends), led by theatre makers Christian Leavesley and Phil Rolfe, work with 3rd Year Performing Arts Students to deliver a show about vulnerability, the softness of our skulls and the delicate thread that is life.

Conceived and directed by Uncle Semolina (and friends) in collaboration with 3rd Year Bachelor of Performing Arts Students.

27th to 29th October

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