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Why study in Visual Culture?

Teaching environment

Visual Culture is, by its very nature, creative, visually and intellectually stimulating and evolving. The program recognises artistic appreciation at the highest level.

Visual Culture has a strong partnership with Monash University Museum of Art (MUMA). MUMA has a contemporary (post 1968) acquisitions policy which fits perfectly with the main thrust of Visual Culture. MUMA Director Max Delany is a past student of Visual Culture. Group viewings of new exhibitions take place regularly.

International opportunities

The School of English, Communications and Performance Studies has numerous formal and informal alliances with peer institutions across the developed and developing world.

There are opportunities for student exchanges and internships, for international scholarships and study trips. Students wishing to explore opportunities abroad are supported and encouraged.

Careers in Visual Culture

With an increasing understanding of the importance of visual culture in the shaping of national heritage and identity, the growth of community arts programs and a fresh emphasis on the tourism industry, more and more careers are opening up for graduates trained in visual culture.

Skills and knowledge in visual culture, developed in combination with other programs or via further study, will allow graduates to work as gallery directors and curators, educators, art conservation and restoration specialists, art and film librarians, art and film administrators, community arts and tourism advisors, as journalists, public relations people and freelance researchers and in careers associated with art and the law.

How to apply

Links to Monash University and Faculty of Arts 'how to apply' information

Further information

For further information about studying in the Faculty of Arts at Monash University please see Faculty of Arts Future Students.

For information on the units required for a major, minor or honours in Vsual Culture, refer to the Arts Faculty 'Areas of study' section in the Monash University Handbook.

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